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Personal Services

Cusack & Company, CPAs LLC provides the individual taxpayer and unincorporated business owner with a full range of accounting and tax services. We possess a diverse background of individual income tax services, as this comprises a significant portion of our client base. We place a great deal of emphasis on evaluating a clients tax situation, and to communicate ideas and/or methods to assist in saving or deferring income tax obligations.

We understand the needs our clients have about coordinating an ongoing, comprehensive financial plan as a valuable compliment to annual income tax strategies. We are also keenly aware of the negative consequences that could result from the lack of estate planning, and offer assistance to our clients in the prevention of such negative outcomes.

The personal accounting and income tax services offered at Cusack & Company, CPAs LLC makes us more than just income tax preparers. Each client has his or her own personal strengths and desires, and we take the time to listen and offer advice based on each client situation. We enjoy being proactive throughout the year and offer ideas whenever possible, and believe this information exchange allows our clients the opportunity to be as efficient as possible, and to maximize their tax-saving potential.

Accounting Services

We at Cusack & Company, CPAs LLC know maintaining accurate and reliable records are vital to any accounting system in order to ensure maximum efficiency and tax savings. We look for ways to strengthen and improve the financial reporting process to help achieve these results, while at the same time control the fees we bill for our services. We encourage our clients to communicate with us throughout the year and discuss accounting issues they are facing, thereby eliminating potential problems as they develop, rather than working through larger problems at year-end.

Some of the full range accounting services we provide include:

  • New business start-up assistance and chart of account creation
  • Accounting systems procedures and documentation
  • QuickBooks consulting
  • General ledger review
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Payroll services
  • Business tax return preparation, including sales and other tax filings
  • Projection and forecast services

Tax Services

Cusack & Company, CPA's LLC believes spending time with our clients reviewing year-end tax documents is a vital component in the effort to maximize tax deferral and savings opportunities. Detailed information exchange allows our accountants to determine if additional deductions or exclusions exist and are available to save you taxes. We take the time each year to maintain our knowledge of the tax laws through a variety of continuing education courses and seminars.

Client information stays in-house during the tax preparation process. Tax filings are processed on-site, ensuring the most expeditious turnaround time for final delivery to our clients. Our quality controls mandate that two accountants are involved on each tax engagement. One accountant will be the preparer of the actual tax filing, while another accountant will provide an independent review of the documents. This allows our office the opportunity to maintain a high degree of accuracy on returns we submit to our client for filing.

Along with the obvious services provided for tax engagements, we can assist with the following related matters:

  • Forecast and projection engagements to identify potential financial results
  • Assistance with estimated tax payment requirements
  • What-if scenarios to determine the tax impact of potential transactions
  • Financial and retirement planning engagements to assist with cash flow needs and income tax obligations

Financial Retirement Planning

Cusack & Company, CPAs LLC realizes the importance of financial decisions and their impact on our everyday lives. We are proud to have taken the lead in the combining of our tax discipline with the financial planning process. Providing our clients with tax saving opportunities has now been greatly enhanced as a result of our unique, detailed process.

As your year-round tax consultant and preparer, we review certain historical information and transactions in an effort to minimize your income tax cost. We also look for ways to inform you of structuring future transactions in an effort to save even more in the way of taxes. We have taken this service concept to the next level in order to improve your overall financial picture.

Our financial planning process involves a coordinated meeting of our accountants and affiliated financial planners to gather detailed information and facts about our client's financial matters. Our team spends time listening carefully to the goals and desires of each client, and to carefully construct a prudent plan in order to reach the desired outcome.

The comprehensive review of our client's financial affairs sheds light on how all major transactions are structured, and identifies any pitfalls or errors in their design. This process has created another opportunity for us to remedy undesirable results and improve the financial future of our clients.

Let us know if you would like us to perform an initial, no cost review of your financial situation to determine if you can benefit from the recommendation of any of the following:

  • Investment advice and management
  • Life, disability and long-term care insurance
  • Budgeting and cash flow needs
  • Business retirement and benefit plans
  • Individual retirement plans and rollovers
  • Estate and trust plans
  • Wealth preservation and transfer strategies

Estate Planning

A majority of individuals are aware of the estate tax (a tax on the transfer of one's assets upon death), but unaware of, or hesitant to learn of, the potential tax cost on the value of their assets. While thinking of one's own demise is not the most pleasant of thoughts, losing a sizable portion of one's estate to the estate tax, as opposed to providing for a surviving spouse and/or dependents, is also unsettling. A scenario such as this is also unfortunate, as it could be minimized or avoided altogether with proper planning.

We are here to assist our clients with this difficult (both emotionally and conceptually) process. By reviewing detailed financial affairs and personal traits of our clients, a prudent and comprehensive financial plan is crafted to allow for the accumulation and preservation of wealth. Our desire is to work with our clients for many years to come, monitoring and reshaping the plan as needed in order to maintain course for the ultimate goals. Your financial plan will also have estate tax considerations built in, allowing for the orderly transfer of your assets to your heirs with the smallest estate tax cost possible.

We want your estate plan to be as comprehensive as possible, not enacted in piecemeal. Allowing us, your most trusted financial advisor, to be your "quarterback" in this process enables us the opportunity to construct a very personalized and highly coordinated plan. Do not subject yourself to the risk of a faulty estate plan as a result of utilizing different advisors, each with different objectives, focusing on different areas.

Other Services

The professionals at Cusack & Company, CPA's LLC can assist you in a number of additional ways, including some of the following services:

IRS and NYS representation
Whether you are dealing with a basic taxing authority notice or an audit issue, rely on our years of experience to represent you on the matter.

Payroll assistance
Let us answer your questions related to employment matters, including employee benefit plan options and payroll form preparation.

Sales and Excise tax matters
The sales tax law is diverse. We can help analyze your transaction to ensure compliance with the law, and assist in the preparation of the various tax filings.

Arriving at the proper value for the purchase/sale of a new business, a matrimonial matter or an estate/gift tax issue is crucial. Let us assist you in the compilation of all the relevant data and be your guide throughout the process.

Bookkeeping function
Time is money to the small business owner. Let us free up your time to increase revenue by performing your bookkeeping function. You will rest easy knowing your records are neat, organized and accurate.

Other services
From cash flow and budgeting analysis to financial forecasts and projections, we can assist you with many different financial studies.

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