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Business Accounting Services

Cusack & Company, CPAs LLC has accumulated many years of combined accounting service working with business owners and boards of directors. In both good and challenging economic times, a business must focus on operating in a stable, efficient manner.

Organizations that require annual audit services are concerned with maintaining a strong operating environment and practicing fiscal discipline. Commercial entities also share in these concerns, along with maximizing shareholder/employee value through financial and employee benefit planning and income tax minimization.

Audit Services

Cusack & Company, CPAs LLC has built a strong reputation for delivering quality auditing services in a timely fashion to not-for-profits, governments and other entities. We are experienced auditors who are well versed in nonprofit accounting and auditing standards and principles, and understand the operations and needs of nonprofits as a result of the hands-on experience we have obtained through working with our many audit clients.

Over the years, we have been able to utilize and refine our nonprofit experience and knowledge to carefully craft audit procedures and programs that are the most efficient and cost effective for our audit clients. At a time when federal and state funding is more difficult to obtain, and uncertain economic times effect funding levels, nonprofit entities need the professional, cost effective experience we provide.

Auditor integrity and independence are significant concerns, and you can be assured that Cusack & Company, CPAs LLC embrace the highest ethical standards. Our auditors receive at least 40 hours of rigorous continuing education programs on an annual basis in order to maintain industry expertise and comply with our internal quality control document.

Please contact us about some of the following audit services we provide:

  • Financial statements
  • Attests to the fair presentation of management's financial statements through audit procedures and examination of documents.
  • OMB Circular A-133
    If your organization, directly or indirectly, spends more than $500,000 in federal funds, you are required to have an A-133 audit.
  • HUD and other reporting
    Reports are issued in accordance with funding guidelines and/or cost reports.
  • Management reports
    Allows for the opportunity to review the organization's operations and provide constructively critical suggestions to improve systems.

Tax Services

Cusack & Company, CPAs LLC is aware of the business owners concern of protecting cash flow and controlling tax cost. Navigating the numerous and complex tax laws yourself, and implementing a customized tax saving plan is a daunting task. Draw on our experience from the preparation of thousands of business tax returns to assist you in developing an income tax strategy.

Choice of entity selection should be reviewed to determine if tax savings can be achieved. Different entities afford different tax deductible items.

Conducting a review of your operations and employee benefit plans allows for the opportunity to identify potential deductions being missed, or to restructure transactions to bring more tax deductible value to your personnel without adding significant additional cost.

Finally, preparing the necessary income tax filings accurately, in accordance with the various codes and regulations, is a must. Inaccurate or mistakenly prepared returns can increase the tax burden on your business, and bring unnecessary, costly and time-consuming audit notices. Allow our competent professionals to complete your returns in an accurate manner as a result of our strong quality control environment. We are confident in our ability to identify areas where tax savings can be achieved.

Accounting Services

We at Cusack & Company, CPAs LLC believe the foundation for any engagement we service (tax and/or audit) begins with the accounting system of the entity. Creating and maintaining an efficient accounting system and control environment assists in the goal of profit maximization and income tax minimization.

We can assist in the design and set-up of your chart of account structure and general ledger. We will review with you the many different transactions to be processed in the accounting function to ensure your reporting is meaningful, accurate and reliable. Daily and routine transactions that are reported incorrectly or misclassified produce results that are misleading; therefore, performing a proper annual income tax projection is compromised, and an opportunity to reduce income taxes may be lost. The time we, or any tax preparer, must spend adjusting the records will increase as well, escalating your professional fee cost. These are some of the reasons why we encourage being proactive when it comes to matters involving your accounting system. A little extra time spent reviewing your accounting system today is an investment you should make in order to generate income tax and professional fee savings for years to come.

Other Services

The professionals at Cusack & Company, CPA's LLC can assist you in a number of additional ways, including some of the following services:

IRS and NYS representation
Whether you are dealing with a basic taxing authority notice or an audit issue, rely on our years of experience to represent you on the matter.

Payroll assistance
Let us answer your questions related to employment matters, including employee benefit plan options and payroll form preparation.

Sales and Excise tax matters
The sales tax law is diverse. We can help analyze your transaction to ensure compliance with the law, and assist in the preparation of the various tax filings.

Arriving at the proper value for the purchase/sale of a new business, a matrimonial matter or an estate/gift tax issue is crucial. Let us assist you in the compilation of all the relevant data and be your guide throughout the process.

Bookkeeping function
Time is money to the small business owner. Let us free up your time to increase revenue by performing your bookkeeping function. You will rest easy knowing your records are neat, organized and accurate.

Other services
From cash flow and budgeting analysis to financial forecasts and projections, we can assist you with many different financial studies.

Internal control study
We can provide you with a review of your accounting and operating environment and offer suggestions on increasing efficiency and safeguarding assets.

Agreed upon procedures
Retain us for a number of special engagements and studies (inventory valuation, economic loss reports, etc.) and receive a report of our findings.

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